Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost fully recovered

Yesterday was the first full day in over a month where I didnt give him any cough medicine. What remains of his symptoms is merely some coughing and gagging/choking when he wakes up in the morning, to clear the phlegm that had accumulated during the night.

So today I quickly brought him to the GP for a flu vaccination. I reckon this is as close as he'll get to being well during the flu season. Since a new flu vaccine formula will be released in May, for the southern hemisphere, we may consider having him vaccinated again in a few month's time.

Thank you for praying for his complete recovery! We look forward to enjoying the rest of this short week of school holidays.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

He's recovering

He's just fallen asleep for the night. I'll have just enough time for a quick update. He usually wakes or stirs about an hour or two after falling asleep and I must be there otherwise he'll cry til he vomits.

He's getting better although not fully recovered. His night coughs are lesser. His runny nose has lessened too. He does still have quite a bit of phlegm to clear in the mornings upon waking. So in a way it's good that he wakes so early these days (around 5 or 6am) to give him enough time to clear it before breakfast.

I've resumed him on his milk cos he can't go on this long with so little to eat. Stopped the tumeric drink and the chinese herbs as they didnt seem to work. I've started him on royal jelly on Sat and perhaps that's helping.

He's also sleeping more. He's been taking naps most days, for 2 or more hours at a stretch. In total, he gets about 11 hours of solid sleep in a 24 hour cycle, which is about right for his age.

My night coughs have stopped. My diarrohea has stopped. I'm still quite tired though. Feels like my "internal petrol tank" is always near empty. When it gets topped up a little (through a decent night's sleep or time away from my son when he's napping) I quickly use it all up doing errands, chores, preparing for my son's maths lesson, managing my helper, etc. I have been shouting a lot. Snappy pants mama will write another post on running on empty when I've the time.

My sister has recovered from her bout with the flu too. But a few days ago, she started having a sore throat again. When she isn't monitored closely, she forgets to drink enough water, or she sleeps late for no good reason. She was duly "quarantined" for 2 days in her room. She's fine now thankfully.

Now my helper has started coughing a little. She hasn't been drinking enough water too in this hot weather and taking too much toast, biscuits, cocoa drink etc. It's tiring having to monitor this aspect of my helper in addition to her other stuff. I sure would like to do without the need for a helper but I can't right now.

My husband's the only one who hasn't been sick recently. Perhaps I should take a leaf from his book and put my legs up in the evenings and weekends, and spend my time planning 3 holidays (ie. holidays without us cos my son falls sick too often) for 2011. That sure would reduce my stress and see me less sickly!

Friday, March 4, 2011

He's recovering but I'm sick

A very quick update.

My son is slowly recovering. He has been attending school. He's been on various cough syrups to reduce the phlegm. The past 2 nights, he no longer coughs in the middle of the night. But he still has a lot of phlegm in the mornings, which means he's not fully recovered as yet. He's been having long afternoon naps (drowsy cough syrup) so I think that helps his body rest.

He's not on milk as people say it produces phlegm. He's also not on soya milk as apparently, it's "cooling". He's just on solids but since he doesnt eat much, he's likely to lose some weight as this recovery seems slow.

As for me, my night time finally stopped last night. But the bad news is that I caught another virus. Since yesterday afternoon, my blood pressure is rather low. Been feeling very light headed. At the clinic this morning, it was 90/60. I've had bad diarrohea, headache, fever, painful stomach, sharp body pains and nausea. It'll take a few days to recover. If I dont get better, the Dr will take some blood for white cell count.

I'm so tired. Wish I had more support with simple things like sending my son to school, or someone driving me to the clinic (a bit dangerous with low BP). I'll still have to feed my son his meals as my helper has never done it.